My last review was on the Gospel Library app for Android. The Church did a fantastic job with it and true to form brought us another awesome app. LDS Tools, and I am not talking about those guys that play basketball every week in the cultural hall… (sorry guys) LDS Tools is a powerful way to keep track of people in your ward and stake. Need to know who is in charge of Primary in the other ward? Look no further. You need to be able to log into the church website to be able to use this app. What it does is pull the entire Stake directory into your phone for easy search and use. It keeps addresses, phone numbers and E-mail addresses all at your finger tips. This information is all available on the church website behind passwords you need your membership # to long in. Have no fear it’s not publicly accessible.

An alternative to this program is Ward Central. It works in pretty much the same way, it is more Ward based. There is another version called Stake Central which is just that more Stake oriented.  Both are Free (now).

FYI this is also available in the iTunes App store

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