Mormon Channel Official

The Roku Mormon Channel is now official! It should be avalible in the Channel Store or you can subscribe to it by clicking on this link MormonChannel. Take a spin on the channel and let me know what you think!


A little more self reliant

This is not tech based but I wanted to share it anyway. My family has tried to do a garden for the last few years, so this year we stepped it up a little. Last year an animal came along and ate the tops off all my plants, so this year I’ve added fencing to my garden, it was about $25 for fence and stakes. I’ve also added ground cover to prevent weeds. We planted green beans, tomatoes, peppers, corn, broccoli, onions, carrots, strawberries and a couple types of melon. Also in order to do the garden a little more GREEN, I collected just over 50 gallons of rain water to use on the garden. I’ve found that gardening can be done just about anywhere. I’ve created a planter out of a milk crate, and in a nearly useless space in my front yard.


Family Search

Genealogical Research and Tech

There is a reason we have so much technology, because it can be used to forward the Gospel. Genealogical research is something that is strongly encouraged in the church, and we are given great tools to make it easy. In a recent Church News article, Ryan Morgenegg wrote that FamilySearch.org receives more than 10 million hits a day, and has had 15 Billion since it’s launch. Have any of those hits been yours? Let us know, leave a comment.


I’m looking for folks that want to contribute. If you feel you are up for the challenge, making maybe 1 or more posts a week and telling your friends. Send me a message and we can talk. I know I can’t do it all myself. If we get any Ad revenue I am up for sharing. So please think about it and lets chat.