No, I’m not talking about giant women… I’m talking about self reliance, well no I’m not talking about that either. What I am getting at is saving some more cash in these financially difficult times. I recently found on a service called Amazon Mom. If you are familiar with “Amazon Prime” this service is very similar except for the upfront fee… There is no fee for Amazon Mom. You get the perks of Amazon Prime’s free 2 day shipping and a sweet up to 30% discount on baby care items you use all the time, such as baby wipes and diapers. It’s easy to sign up, you automatically get 15% off most brands, we use Pampers.  You can even sign up for a subscription service to products you use most, the subscription gets you another 15% off. We get a box of diapers delivered monthly, it’s pretty sweet, we don’t need to go to the store. The price we get beats the big box store prices. The average price for a box of papers is about $40.00 for the 176 pack, we get it for $28.00 through Amazon Mom. Technology, saving us money 1 box of diapers at a time.

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